Decorating a Rental

There are many people who rent and do not own their homes. This may limit you on what you can and cannot do when it comes to decorating. Most property owners won’t let you paint walls or cabinetry, put in new flooring or make any permanent changes. You have to use a little more creativity, but it can be done. Use your imagination and you can turn the space into a comfy home. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Area Rugs:

Use area rugs to cover unsightly, dingy carpet and add lots of color to the room. Or you can even hang a large rug to add color to the walls

Slip covers:

A lot of times when renting a home or apartment, it comes furnished or you have hand-me-down furniture from family. Slip covers are an excellent way to turn Grandma’s floral print sofa into a clean and contemporary lounge spot. Now covers come in every size, color, and pattern. They are also easy to clean since most of them can be thrown into the washer. has many different inexpensive slip covers in various colors and fabrics.

Repurposing old furniture: If you have old acquired pieces of furniture, try painting it. You can paint old picture frames, chairs, tables, lamps, bookcases, you name it. Just sand it down, and spray paint. An antique lamp can look brand new and very modern painted bright green.

Throw on a new lamp shade and you have a cool new accessory.

 Light fixtures: Replace the unattractive light fixture above your kitchen table with a chandelier or pendant lights. Just store the old one in a closet and put it back on before you move out.

 Shower head:

To make the bathroom more spa-like, replace the existing shower head with a new one like this rainfall shower head with detachable hose for only $29.99 at

Window coverings: Don’t forget about the windows! Adding curtains to a window is inexpensive and can instantly make the room fell more like home.

Dress Up Your Bed:

Add lot of color with pillows and throws. If you are feeling crafty, you can even make your own headboard to lean against the wall behind your bed. All you need if some wood, foam padding, and fabric.

Add Some Life: Plants and flowers are another inexpensive way to bring life to a rental. They brighten your space and your mood.

Pinned Image

Most renters can’t paint the walls, so add color in creative ways:

Pick up a collection of dollar store frames, spray paint them black, then frame unusual things such as pretty pieces of fabric, cd covers, your own artwork, shells, anything! Pick something you love and display them as a grouping on the wall.

Make one focal wall by covering it with fabric or hang a wall mural. This will add a lot of drama and color, but is a snap to take down when you move. You can also use the same idea in the kitchen. Cover cabinet doors with fabric and attach with Velcro on the back

Make it Personal:

Add your own personal touches. Photos of family and friends, keepsakes, whatever makes you feel comfortable and at home. With just a little creativity you can use your rental to express yourself.

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